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Ford Mustang

We customize with craftsmanship and lost of love

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Mister Mustang

Your partner for building the car you always wanted.

At Mister Mustang it all started by the desire to build the most powerful and best handling Mustang car, though the classic styling and overall appearance of the mustang had to be retained…never change a winning team!!. As such we started this project by searching the best components you could find in the marketplace. The art of building superb powerful classics cars lies in the assembling of these components, making sure all parts matches up and ‘’work together’’’. We ended up with a full rotisserie build car, sporting a custom build Robert Pond aluminum FE side oiler race engine, mated to a 6 speed manual Tremec T56 Magnum transmission. To withstand the montereous 650+ HP engine, the chassis and suspension had been further upgraded by installing the TCI mustang II independent front suspension (IFS) and HEIDTS rear independent suspension (IRS) package. As a bonus the car also received the 14’’ Big brakes (discs from Wilwood) on all four corners to stop this monster safely.

This car is constantly being upgraded as new supplier appear on the horizon providing even better parts

We customized this classic but yet powerful beauty with craftsmanship and lots of love. Now, we turned our passion and dedication into our Mister Mustang businesses, making sure we customize your mustang that you ever dreamed about.

The Ultimate Pro-Touring Mustang

The fastest and best handling car we ever built.

Building such a powerfull classic mustang sporting the legendary 735HP-427Cu Sideoiler Big Block engine which brought Ford victory in the 24hours of Le Mans 1967-1969 races, is complicated and requires high level of engineering to secure the drivetrain and chassis are bullitproof to handle such powers. That is Mister-Mustang Engineering in Action.


Upgrade & Customize


Mister Mustang has gained great knowledge in doing performance upgrades on your engine to secure engines are running smoother and/or adding more horsepower, like retrofitting to roller lifter camshaft systems, carb and intake upgrades, ignition upgrades and many more. Share your wishes power or cosmetic parts wise, and we’ll get back to you with a proposal!


Upgrade & Customize

Brake, Suspension & Steering.

You want to improve the car handling and braking performance of your classic mustang up to modern standards, we can install various upgrades from Big Disc brake kits from well known brands like Wilwood/Baer to suspension upgrades, variable adjustment coil over springs as an example. Or you need precise steering by retrofitting your unqualified old system to rack&pinion steering racks.

Contact Mister Mustang's Tech specialists, as they would be pleased to advice you.


Upgrade & Customize


For classic mustangs there is an massive variety of items available to upgrade your interior. As a result of 20+ years of building classic Mustangs, Mister Mustang could select the right upgrades that meet your requirements. From wooden steering wheels, dashboard meters, seats to roll-bars, seat belts and other safety related items.


Upgrade & Customize


Want to impress with your nice mustang? Look no further as we could customize your exterior to any wishes you have. From repainting your car in a slick paint job, mounting different wheels/tire combo’s, installing fiberglass body parts to lighten your car to exterior light modifications (LED lights). Or if you wish to retain the classic look, installing Vintage items likes original styled steel wheels and GT grills. What about a nice dual trumped exhaust system that improves the look of the rear end?